Nissan has officially unveiled the 2015 Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept. The prototype represents a stage in the Japanese company’s process to deliver an autonomous vehicle on the public roads by the end of this decade. 

The 2015 Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept is based on the first generation Leaf model and comes with lots of sensors which enable the car to change lanes, merge onto and off the highway and even pass cars without the aid of human. 

The technology is already tested in the company’s Advanced Technology Center located south of Tokyo.

The 2015 Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept has dozens of sensors, 12 cameras, five radar sensors, four laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors. More than that, Tetsuya Iijima, general manager of Nissan’s advanced driver assist systems strategy and engineering division, has told us that autonomous driving on the highway will be offered in Japan by the end of 2016. Their cars will have a Manual Drive mode allowing the human driver take control of the car. 

Source: Nissan