Even if Renault is not selling its vehicles in the United States, the small and electric Twizy will get accros the Ocean under the Nissan logo. In San Francisco, the people will have a new way to ride around the city with the addition of 10 all-electric Nissan New Mobility Concept vehicles to the Scoot Networks mobility service.

The Nissan New Mobility Concept, also known as a Scoot Quad, is a 100-percent electric, two-seater compact vehicle with a range of 40 miles and top speed of 25 mph, suitable for driving in urban areas.

The Scoot Quad joins the Scoot family of light electric vehicles, including a classic electric moped and a larger cargo outfit, and it is Scoot’s first vehicle on four wheels. The Scoot fleet is currently comprised of 400 customized electric scooters that go up to 30 mph and have a range of 20 to 25 miles. San Francisco residents use Scoots for a variety of activities such as quick commutes across town.

With the addition of the Scoot Quad to the Scoot Networks fleet, Nissan will be evaluating the role electric vehicles will play as transportation options and needs continue to evolve.

Nissan has been making electric vehicles available to the mass market for nearly five years. Since the first Leaf delivery to a Bay Area resident in December 2010, Nissan has sold more than 192,000 Nissan Leaf vehicles globally and about 86,000 in the United States.