The German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will unveil at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany, the Sprinter Caravan Concept. On the outside, the Stuttgart-based van comes in grey metallic and is features the new Sprinter architecture. 

According to the German producer, the upcoming prototype features a cutaway section that allo visitors to see the yach inspired cabin. 

Inside the concept we found leather upholstery, side facing bench that can fold out to give birth to a double bed. There is also a grey laminate floor, Alcantara roof and LED headlights. 

Beacuse we are talking about a concept, inside the cabin you will also fine a flat screen TV, a small kitchen with a stove and a refigerator. 

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In the back of the van, the public who will visit the Caravan Saloon will find a fully equipped bathroom with a wardrobe closet. 

Source: Mercedes-Benz via WCF