Federal Highway Administration reveals that Americans drove a record 3.148 trillion miles in 2015. This number comes as a consequence of the major boost in the car sales which in 2015 grew by 5.7% to 17.5 million vehicles compared to 2014. 

According to the latest data, on the roads of United States are about 260 million registered vehicles. Another important fact for this record was the historically low gas prices which played an important role. 

And with more cars on the road we have seen more licensed drivers. According to the same report, the number of licensed drivers increased from 163 million back in 1988 to around 210 million at the start of the decade. But this is just a trend because the Millennials aren’t interested in cars. A study made by University of Michigan Transportation Research revealed that Millennials are getting their licenses at a considerably slower pace compared to their parents and grandparents.

Source: TDB