Markus Zahn is the owner of a McLaren 650S Spider. He parked his car alongside a rural road in Vogelsberg, Germany. A few moment later a donkey started chomping on his unique car. 

Vitus is the name of the donkey and it managed to do some important damage to the car. 

"I looked into the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw a pair of fluffy ears! And then I heard a strange sound" said Markus in an interview for German newspaper Bild. 

But the story is not over because Markus asked money to repair the car. As a result, a court ordered Vitus’ owner to give 6,800 USD in damages. According to Markus, the car has 35,000 USD damages but most of them were covered by a local McLaren dealer. The other 6,800 USD was left to Vitus’ owner.

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"The donkey probably thought the car was a carrot on wheels. I’m not mad at him", added Zahn.