At the beginning of this year, Aston Martin unveiled the V12 Speedster. But there was a catch. All of the images released by the British car manufacturer were shot in a studio, so we didn’t get to see the car in direct sunlight.

But now we can because Aston Martin published the first pictures of a V12 Speedster prototype. The announcement was made because the Brits have started the dynamic testing of the car, and, as a result, we have live pictures of an actual vehicle.

The Aston Martin V12 Speedster, as you may have guessed, lacks a roof and a windshield and will be limited to 88 units.  All the examples will be equipped with a V12 5.2 liter engine that can deliver 700 horsepower and 753 Nm peak of torque. The engine resources will be sent to the ground via an automatic eight speed transmission.

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The price tag of this V12 Speedster is $950,000 USD before options and the first deliveries are scheduled to start in the first quarter of next year.