As you already know, BMW has a new 5 Series which is a great saloon, but the upcoming model will be even greater. Why do we say that? Because the German car manufacturer will invest in some new technologies.

And of those technologies is electricity. According to some sources, the new BMW 5 Series will feature an electric version. But it will be even better, because the German car manufacturer will come with more versions for the same car. 

We don’t know for sure if we are speaking about the same engine layout with some ranges of power or about different battery capacity, but the sources are sure that the next 5 Series will have more electric versions. 

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We have to remind you that a couples of weeks ago, BMW unveiled a protototype of the current 5 Series in an all-electric form. It feautured three electric motors with a small battery pack. The electric powertrain delivers more than 720 horsepower while the not to 100 km/h is done in about 3 seconds.