When you want to buy a new car, the body colour must be very important. It may even change your choice. A recent study shows that 77% of car buyers consider exterior color options very important when choosing a new car.
That’s why we should know the answer to this question: ”Which is the most popular colour in the world?”
A study conducted by PPG Industries, one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers, established in 1883, revealed that white is the most popular colour globally.
The white colour, or its different hues and shades, was used on 22 percent of all new vehicles sold globally over the past year. It was followed by silver with 20 percent, black with 19 percent, gray (12 percent), red (9 percent), brown (8 percent), blue (7 percent) and green (2 percent).
In North America, the most popular colour was white, but it was followed by black. In Europe the white was the clear winner, meanwhile in Asia the white scored the same as the silver paint.

Source: PPG