The last unit of the first-generation Porsche Panamera has rolled off the production line in Leipzig. The example was a blue GTS with 164.503 number plate. 

As you already know, the production of the Porsche Panamera started in April 2009 and it was the first four-door coupe model developed by the German car manufacturer. 

“With the launch of the Panamera in 2009, we tapped into a completely new segment. The sports saloon has gone on to both define and inspire us”, said Dirk Kolar, Director Manufacturing at the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

Now, the Leipzig factory is preparing for the new generation Panamera. The design language of the new Panamera creates a link to the Porsche 911 and the coupé-like roof line with a new side window look that emphasizes the coupe-like side view even more.

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The new twin-turbo engines of the Panamera are more powerful than before, and thanks to the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (PDK II) they are up to 16 percent more fuel-efficient according to the New European Driving Cycle. The Panamera will launch with two engines: the 550 hp Panamera Turbo and the 440 hp Panamera 4S. Both models will be equipped with all-wheel drive as standard.

Source: Porsche