This is the most expensive Ford Mustang ever sold to an auction. It is the 1968 Mustang GT which was specially developed for the Bullitt movie.

This is one of the two units made by Ford and it was driven by Steve McQueen Hollywood start. The car was sold to an auction with 3.4 million USD (3.7 million USD with all taxes) and the former owner is Sean Kiernan.

His father bought this car in 1974 for 3,500 USD and, as an honorific mode to start the auction, the starting price was set at 3,500 USD.

According to Sean stories, during the ’80s, Steve McQueen come to his father to buy the car, but Robert, Sean’s father, did not accept any offer. In 2018, the car was bought back to life and it was presented alongside the new generation Mustang Bullitt.