The officials from Nissan announced that the first production Nissan Juke R is ready for delivery. As you know each Nissan Juke R is built by customer specification, and the first road legal unit features a few styling changes. 
“They said it was impossible. They said it would never happen. Today’s the day that the Juke-R doubters are silenced, as the production version #001 emerges from the pit garage. Juke-R number #001 is now on its way to the first customer with production of #002 well underway.”, Nissan said in a statement.
We are talking about new bumpers and side sills, new air diffuser and a redesigned air vents. In the cabin, #001 Nissan Juke R is coming with a GT-R steering wheel, and a new center and lower consoles.  
#001 Nissan Juke R is powered by the V6 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine from the Nissan GT-R and develops 545 bhp. The sprint from stand still to 62 mph is completed in just 3.0 seconds and the top speed is clocked at 170 mph. 


Source: Nissan