Tesla has officially unveiled the all-new Semi. First and most important number is the range: 500 miles. According to Tesla, the new Semi will be able to tow 80,000 lbs and deliver that impressive range. 

Another important fact is the speed of this machine. It will be able to run from stand still to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. And if you have the full load of 80,000 lbs, the Semi will do the same run in just 20 seconds.

The new Tesla Semi will come with Enhanced Autopilot as standard which includes automatic lane keep assist and autonomous braking. Another important fact is that the new Tesla Semi will be able to travel for one million mile with no break down. And this is good for the business. 

As you already know, Tesla will come with a Megacharger that will be able to put 400 miles range in the Semi in just 30 minutes. 

Source: Tesla