We already knew that Tesla is working on an electric crossover, the Model X, for some time now, and now thanks to a recent tweet that appeared on Elon Musk’s Twitter account, we know when to expect to see their new creation.
The date that has been confirmed by Tesla’s CEO is February 9th, with the actual unveiling scheduled to take place at the company’s design studio in California.
Details are still very limited at this point, but based on previous speculations, the Tesla Model X crossover is expected to become available for purchase in 2013, with some of its strong points, besides the zero emissions powertrain, being its spacious yet compact featuring with the same level of quality we’ve seen in the Model S Sedan.
And speaking of the Model S, the Model X crossover will be using the same 40 kWh battery but due to its size and weight it will most likely return less than 160 miles on a single charge.