Even if it launched the Model S two years ago, Tesla continues to update it constantly to keep customers happy. During a press conference, the US manufacturer introduced another important update for Model S software. This improvement will help customers with range anxiety, as Elon Musk himself declares.

Model S Navigation Software Update 6.2

The software update, called 6.2, introduces Range Assurance and Trip Planner into Model S’s navigation. Navigation automatically routes Model S through Tesla’s charging network. Currently 90% of the US population is within 175 miles of a Tesla Supercharger.

Model S owners can simply select a destination, and Navigation will automatically route through the appropriate superchargers if charging is needed for the trip. Trip Planner will select a route to minimize driving and charging time. At each supercharger stop, Trip Planner will notify you via the iPhone app when you’ve charged enough to continue on your trip. Navigation will display the fastest route to the destination and break the route into legs between Superchargers, displaying anticipated charge times at each station in a simplified list view. 

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New Driver Assistance Features

The safety is also increased with the new Driver Assistance Features including Collision Avoidance Assist feature that automatically engages the brakes to reduce the impact of an unavoidable frontal collision, while the Blind Spot Warning assists the driver to change lanes safely.

When Model S is travelling between 20 mph (30 km/h) and 85 mph (140 km/h) and detects a vehicle in the driver’s blind spot, a white arc will appear on the instrument panel near the bottom of the speedometer. If a collision with the vehicle becomes likely, two red arcs will appear, the steering wheel will vibrate, and the driver will hear a chime.