The Tesla Model S seems to be a huge hit in the US. According to the latest economic results, Model S managed to outsell important names in its segment.

CNN Money said that Tesla Models managed to deliver 4.700 units of the Model S in the first three month of this year. In the same period, Mercedes-Benz sold 3.077 S-Class units, while BMW managed to sell only 2.338 7-Series models. On the last place is the Audi who sold only 1.462 A8 units. 

Tesla Model S has a price that starts from 69.900 USD, while the A8 costs 73.095 USD. The BMW 7-Series has a price of 74.525 Dollars and the Mercedes-Benz comes with a price of 93.255 USD. 

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Tesla Motors also updated the Model S. The American car maker launched the Performance Plus package. It comes with upgraded dampers, bushing and stabilizer bars. The range was increased by 6 to 12 miles and acceleration is quicker thanks to the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires.

Source: WCF