Tesla will reveal the Model 3 during a special event on March 31 in Southern California. Unfortunately we don’t have further details about the premiere but the Californian EV automaker has started to accept $1,000 deposits on the Model 3. 

Online orders through the newly Tesla.com will start on April 1 and the deliveries are scheduled to kick off in late 2017. The first details of the Tesla Model 3 suggest that the car will have a price tag of around $35,000 before any tax incentives. 

We also expect to see a model with a low range than the Model S and Model X, which means the 250-mile (420 kilometers) mark sounds reasonable. For now, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled as a sedan, but later we will also see a crossover version as well. 

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We will come back with all the details on March 31. 

Source: WCF