Gordon Murray has released the full list of specs for the T.27 electric city car. Featuring a powertrain developed by Zytek Automotive the T.27 electric city car combines lightweight design with power provided by a 25 kW electric motor that is backed by a Li-Ion battery pack.
In a combined cycle the T.27 promises CO2 emissions of only 48g per Km in a combined cycle or 28g per Km in urban mode, with a driving range between 80 and 100 miles.  
The T.27 electric city car will take less than 15 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 Km/h and can reach a maximum speed of 105 Km/h.
A functional prototype T.27 is expected to get completed in April 2011 and Gordon Murray’s next step is to secure partners and funding for UK
Gordon Murray Design press release :
Gordon Murray Design announce the Specification and Performance
Targets for the T.27 City Car, a pure electric drive vehicle designed to
fully optimise packaging, weight and performance.  The announcement
marks an exciting leap forward in efficiency for electric vehicles and
working closely with their powertrain partner, Zytek Automotive, a brand
new, innovative, lightweight and fully integrated electric motor,
control system and battery will be designed to ensure that maximum
efficiency is achieved.
Projected emissions, using a UK energy mix, are 48g/km CO2
for the combined cycle and 28g/km CO2 for the urban cycle
alone, with zero emissions at the point of use.  Full lifecycle CO2
damage will be 42% less than the average UK car.
The T.27 vehicle concept closely follows the layout and geometry of
Gordon Murray Design’s innovative T.25 city car, an MPV with 6 possible
internal layouts.
The efficiency in cost, weight and performance comes in part from the
‘clean sheet of paper’ approach, part from the full integration of the
powertrain and also from the low energy manufacturing system developed
by Gordon Murray Design called iStream®.
iStream® massively reduces the capital investment required to produce
the vehicle and also the energy required for manufacture plus the
flexibility of the iStream® process would also allow the petrol powered
T.25 and the T.27 to be manufactured at the same plant.
The 16 month programme started in November 2009 with a running
prototype scheduled for completion in April 2011 and is supported with a
50% investment from the Technology Strategy Board.  The next phase in
the programme will include a push to secure partners and funding for UK
manufacture. A UK partner or consortium to produce the city cars in the
UK would keep the technology at home and could create 6,000 jobs.
Vehicle Specification

eMotor:  25kW   Height:  1.60m
Battery Type: Li-ion   Weight:    680Kg (incl. battery)    
Battery Spec. 12kWh Wheel Base:  1.78m
Length: 2.50m  Turning Circle: 6.0m
Width:   1.30m    

Performance Targets

Top Speed:  105kph
0-100kph: Less than 15 seconds
Range: 80 – 100 miles

Professor Gordon Murray, CEO of Gordon Murray Design said:
“The Technology Strategy Board have been incredibly supportive of the
T.27 programme and together we are working to keep this in the United
Kingdom.  It is a great opportunity to work with Zytek Automotive and
our other partners on this very exciting programme.  We always strive to
lead the way in automotive design and our current goal is to maximise
efficiency of electric vehicles.”
Bill Gibson, Chairman of Zytek Automotive said:
Zytek’s new innovative powertrain, developed from our substantial
experience of EV and hybrid vehicle production programmes, will
substantially reduce the weight and cost of the electric engine, whilst
delivering  the quality, refinement and driving experience that T.27
customers will demand.”
Iain Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board said:
"This is another example of the UK positioning itself to benefit from
the economic opportunities offered by the emerging low-carbon vehicles
market.It’s great that the T.27, a fantastic example of smart
engineering and sustainable design, is at the forefront of this. We are
also glad that we were able to support a project that enabled Gordon
Murray Design and Zytek Automotive and the other partners to work
together to be truly innovative.”

Source: Gordon Murray Design