This next drag race video comes from Russia where a Switzer tuned Nissan GTR producing 730 HP was put against the Bugatti Veyron which as we all know packs 1001 HP. We’ve seen this type of race before, involving the same cars and the outcome was predictable, meaning it was an easy win for the Veyron.
This time things changed, as the Switzer Nissan GTR smoked the Bugatti Veyron in a straight line, leaving us wonder what exactly happened there. The Switzer Nissan GTR is obviously modified to the max, and it probably has nitrous as well, but seeing the mighty Bugatti Veyron left behind like that is pretty impressive. 
Watch the video with Switzer Nissan GTR that smokes the Bugatti Veyron after the jump.

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Switzer Nissan GTR smokes Bugatti Veyron :

Source: YouTube