Australia is a country where fast cars and rally cars are much appreciated. Thats why we see Subaru Australia launching the new WRX STI NR4, a special car prepared by long-term motorsport partner, Possum Bourne Motorsport.

The WRX STI NR4 reflects just one of three tiers that can be specified by buyers. In addition, there are six option packs, covering engine, brakes, driveline and suspension, plus specialised gravel and tarmac packs.

Subaru announced in July that it was importing a limited number of the base cars and has already sold eight. The WRX STI NR4 cars are FIA-homologated and are eligible for FIA WRC2, ERC2 regional and progressive national championships, as they meet the FIAs new NR4 regulations, which replace the previous N4 and R4 classes.

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The optional PBMS packages suit everyone from club amateur to the professional. The 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is only available locally in this motorsport model.