SSC has decided to come up with two different versions of the current Tuatara world-speed record holder. We are speaking about the Striker and Aggressor versions and, as you can imagine, these two variants are some impressive machines.

The new SSC Tuatara Striker comes with a lot of downforce. According to the manufacturer, the downforce was increased by a factor of three, producing 1,100 pounds for the entire car at a speed of 160 mph.

There is a massive rear wing, a new vertical stabilizer and a tweaked diffuser. The car also comes with a new front splitter, frontal dive place, and directionally vaned side rockers.

Under the hood of the Tuatara Striker is the same 1.750 horsepower engine, the same amount of power as the regular Tuatara.

But on the Aggressor, this power can be bumped up to 2.200 horsepower. Yes, the Aggressor won’t be a public road car and it will feature the same exterior package as the Striker. But there is a catch: the Aggressor will be a more customizable version, which means the future owners will be able to choose which parts will stay and which will go.

Inside the cabin there will be lots of carbon fiber accessories, a roll bar and full bucket seats with five-point harnesses.