SpeedArt wanted to show something special at this year’s Essen Motor Show, scheduled to open its gates this month. Called  SP81-R the tuning program is based on the new Porsche Boxster S, unveiled in march, during the Geneva Motor Show.
What was made for attracting customers? First is the new paintjob, in black and green with original Porche colours. Second is the new bodykit, which consists in a rear wing, a rear diffusor, a front chin spoiler and side panels with rear carbon applications.
All parts are designed to be painted in the speedART bi-color optic. The aerokit creates more downforce on the front and rear axle and gives the new Boxster a more sportive and stronger look.
SpeedArt will offer three power upgrades for both Boxster and Boxster S variants.

  • First is a new exhaust system that ads 20 hp and 20 Nm more.
  • Second is a ECU remapping that’s good for an extra 35 hp and 30 Nm.
  • Finally, the clients can opt for a turbo kit which brings 80 hp more on the Boxster S variant.
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To cope with the new power, SpeedArt also offers a new suspension. There are different sport suspensions for street and race track use available.
Beside the sport suspensions with sport springs or an adjustable sport suspension there is an airlift suspension in preparation to maintain the everyday practicability of cars with the SP81-R bodykit.

Source: Porsche