After Lamborghini Museum and Honda Collection HallSkoda, the Czech car manufacturer, has decided to put its museum on Google Maps via Google Street View. The virtual tour will offer the possibility of exploring the exhibition in detail, even get behind the wheel of some selected Skoda classic cars

We know you are curios and here is the list with the cars that can be visited behind the wheel: the Voiturette A designed by Laurin and Klement, L&K-Skoda 110, Skoda 860, Skoda Superb 4000, Skoda 1101 ‘Tudor’ Cabriolet, Skoda, Popular Sport ‘Monte Carlo’, Skoda 1000 MB.
Furthermore, the exhibition includes an in-depth walk around the Skoda VisionD design study and the cockpits of the 130 RS and S2000 rally car

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“Our museum, which was reopened two years ago after extensive reconstruction, illustrates the great history of the Skoda brand, and attracts visitors from all over the world. We are now offering this fantastic opportunity and expanding our services to make the exhibition accessible from around the world 24/7,” said Andrea Frydlova, director of the Skoda Museum.
Google Maps Skoda Museum


Source: Skoda