The new Skoda Enyaq is now closer and closer to reaching first customers in Europe. The SUV benefits from outstanding aerodynamics in this vehicle class. Thanks to its streamlined body, the first all-electric ŠKODA model based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular electrification toolkit (MEB) achieves an outstanding drag coefficient from Cd 0.257.

Besides an aerodynamically optimised body, this top value is achieved thanks to creative details such as special aero wheels, an active cooling roller blind in the central front air intake and specially shaped exterior mirrors positioned on the front doors rather than in the window triangle of the A-pillar.

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At the front of the Enyaq iV, there is an adjustable cooling roller blind in the central air intake. Depending on the cooling air requirements of the electric drive, the lithium-ion battery and the air conditioning system, the vehicle’s electronic system opens the cooling roller blind only as far as necessary. If this shutter is completely closed, it has a particularly favourable effect on the Enyaq iV’s aerodynamics and the range increases by up to seven kilometres. The aerodynamically optimised lower part of the front bumper with uniquely shaped spoilers in front of the wheels directs the air under the vehicle where it flows along the smooth underbody panelling and the battery. Combined with the air curtains placed in the front bumper further accelerating the air, all these elements also guide the flow of air smoothly around the wheel arches towards the rear of the vehicle. Since the wheels alone account for around 25% of the air resistance, aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels are available for the Enyaq iV, which ensures less air turbulence.

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