As the day shortens, it is very important to have good lights, especially on the side roads. When the clocks turn back at the end of October, there is a 10-15% increase in collisions between the hours of 4pm and 7pm throughout the following month of November.

ŠKODA’s innovative headlight technology is helping keep motorists’ evenings brighter and safer as the clocks go back this weekend. Advanced Matrix LED lighting and automatic headlight activation are beneficial to both ŠKODA drivers and fellow road users alike as daylight hours decrease.

The Department for Transport statistics revealed that in 2019, 274 traffic collisions were caused by drivers being dazzled by the headlights of oncoming vehicles, with a further 282 incidents resulting from drivers failing to use their lights at night or in poor visibility.

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In order to help avoid these scenarios, ŠKODA offers several advanced lighting systems in its cars. Matrix LED headlights, for example, are available on ŠKODA models including the Octavia, Superb, recently updated Kodiaq and all-new Enyaq iV.

The technology uses a forward-facing camera to detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and deactivate the segment of the light beam directed toward them in real time. Thanks to individually switchable LED clusters in each headlight, drivers still benefit from a perfectly illuminated road ahead without dazzling other motorists.

All ŠKODA vehicles come equipped with an automatic mode for their lights. With the mode activated, drivers do not have to think about switching their lights on or off every time they drive, or when they encounter a low visibility area such as a tunnel. Instead, the car’s lights automatically function in daytime running mode when sensors detect that visibility is sufficient to drive safely before activating the dipped or high beam in under two seconds whenever necessary.

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