Seat is looking confident to the future and wants to offer its clients a complete range of mobility solutions, not only conventional cars. To showcase its plans for urban mobility, Seat used this year Mobile World Congress in barcelona to unveil the concept car Minimo.

The all-electric quadricycle has been developed to help meet the challenges of city driving, such as emissions laws regulating vehicles entering urban areas, the growing problem of traffic jams and the lack of parking spaces. 

The Minimó brings together the benefits of the smaller dimensions of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a larger passenger vehicle, minimising the many frustrations of travelling around our cities. 

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The vehicle is designed to be narrow and agile making it easier to navigate around urban areas, but is enclosed to increase both safety and its ability to serve a wider number of drivers and their needs. 

An all-electric powertrain with zero emissions means that entering city centres with even the most stringent emissions legislation is no problem. Its ability to swap battery packs to quickly and efficiently refuel the vehicle, significantly reduces the charging time for private customers as well as operation costs of an urban electric carsharing service. It is something Renault thought it will work some years ago.

The platform is also ready for future developments. The Minimó is preparing for future Level 4 autonomous technologies, which would allow the vehicle to pick up the user when requested, solving one of the main frustrations of car sharers. 

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The vehicle is based on a stiff chassis, with the 17-inch wheels placed at its far corners, with a lightweight, yet robust, body structure.