Seat celebrates 30 years of Ibza with a special edition that turns back in time to look at the first generation. Being the top selling model in Spain since 2001, the Ibiza also celebrates 30 years of existence.
On the ocassion, Seat will unveil a special edition Ibiza during this June. The car will feature a gey exterior, with matte accents, complemented by black alloy wheels, most probably 17 inch ones. The car, called Ibiza 30th Anniversary Edition will be recognised also with the help of some ”Ibiza 30 years” logos found on key parts of the body but also on the interior.
Since its first launch in 1984 Paris Motor Show, Ibiza featured four generations, all topping one milion units sold and resposible for some mportant innovations, like the first introduction of the ESP safety system across all versions. The average price of the Seat Ibiza in 1984 was 825.000 pesetas the equivalent of 4,950 euro. At today’s prices that would be 15,620 euro.
Since its launch, Ibiza was sold in over a million units. Only current generation has to catch-up. Sales by generation were good:
– Ibiza I, 1984-1993: 1,308,461 units
– Ibiza II, 1993-2002: 1,522,607 units
– Ibiza III, 2002-2008: 1,221,200 units
– Ibiza IV, 2008-present: 924,183 units