If you consider buying a somewhat exclusive car to stand out from the rest of the crowd, this video might get you thinking twice about that. Of course bad luck also played a major role in the whole story but we think that keeping a low profile could mean less trouble sometimes. In an attempt to arrest a group of criminals the Russian special forces had information about a dark colored Porsche Cayenne approaching a certain place on the streets of Moscow at a certain time. Faith has is that these two other guys in a dark Porsche Cayenne were on their way to lunch and happened to pass the exact same place at the exact same time. 
What happens next is best described by the video, the interesting part is that after these two innocent guys get handcuffed face down on the cold snowy streets of Moscow, with damage

beeing done to their car they then get released and in a few minutes time the Russian special forces stop the second Porsche Cayenne with the real criminals inside.      
Watch the Russian special forces attack wrong Porsche Cayenne video after the jump.

Russian special forces attack wrong Porsche Cayenne video :