Lucid Air is one of the most expensive electric cars you can buy righty now. Only last week, the company unveiled an entry level which can be yours for 89,050 USD, but until then, all units were sold with prices with six figures.

According to a recent rumors, Lucid has started to work on slightly smaller sedan compared to Air, which will be, of course, cheaper. How cheaper? Around 50,000 USD. And this is a big news.

But don’t get to excited, because the Arizona-based automaker said if this will happen, it will be sometime this decade. So 2029 is pretty far away, isn’t it?

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Now, Lucind is in the process of expanding its home factory in Casa Grande, Arizona. The company sais it will increase the surfae to three times the size of the current facility, in order to get enought machines to reach the desired production capacity (which is 400,000 vehicle per year).