To show that China is one of its most important markets, Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Pinnacle Travel Phantom, a new result Bespoke Collection division, for the Beijing Motor Show. The car itself is celebrating the success of the Bespoke programme in China. 

Answering a growing interest in luxury travel, the new Rolls-Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom offers a very large colour palette, luxury materials and the hand-crafted matrials "evoking the experience of travelling on luxurious cross-continental trains."

Pinnacle Travel Phantom is personalized through a two-tone exterior colour scheme of Madeira Red together with Silver Sand. The clients will also have the option of other two colors, Infinity Black combined with Silver Haze or Melanite combined with Palladium.

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Inside, the Rolls Royce designers continued teir play with colours with Morello Red and Seashell leather combinations for seats, roofliner, pillars and doors. The comfort is suggested through Morello Red lambs wool floor mats.

o show that Bespoke Collection is a proof of hard work, individual pieces of wood veneer are laser-cut to ensure precision. Then the sections are assembled. Hard work also for the doors, which have 24,633 individual stitches.

Pinnacle Travel Phantom features 230 individual pieces of marquetry to suggest a cross-continental train speeding. In the rear we find picnic tables and door cappings.