After it transformed a BMW i8 in a futuristic and autonomous vehicle, Rinspeed is back again with a new concept. The Swiss manufacturer wants to anticipate the design of future cars and also their utility.

The concept is called Oasis and is a self driving vehicle ”for the urban sphere”. The two-seat runabout looks futuristic with its large glazed areas and front wheel spats. Both are capable of turning on their own axis with almost a zero radius. 

The interior offers a new living space with the ambience of a modern-day family room: armchair, sideboard, TV, and a multifunctional steering wheel. The windshield also serves as a screen for virtual as well as augmented reality.

Oasis can be commuting or shopping car in the morning, act as a “micro delivery vehicle” for urban parcel services in the afternoon, and be a pizza taxi on the evening drive home. This is made possible by a clever code-protected “drawer” in the rear, which can also be cooled or heated as needed.

The creative Swiss national has integrated a small green space for growing flowers or radishes below the windscreen. Urban gardening on wheels.