EVO has already tested it, it is now time to see what Autocar thinks of the Euro spec 2012 Honda Civic.
This 9th generation Honda Civic which will be built in the UK comes with improvements in all areas that matter, but the main question which Autocar wants to offer an answer to is if it’s as good as its main rivals, the VW Golf and the Ford Focus.
The version shown in this review is the 148 HP 2.2-litre diesel which is the most fuel efficient and eco-friendly out of the three available models, and even though it does not quite match its rivals, Autocar thinks the new Civic does not feel like it is laking any performance but on the contrary, it feels quite spirited.
Yes the power band is quite narrow and the gear ratios are quite high, but the engine is smooth and quiet, while the chassis has been greatly improved over the previous generation.
Autocar also says that the 2012 Honda Civic Euro spec is actually fun to drive and that its handling is neutral, its steering is actually quite good and overall the car rides pretty well.
The bad part about the new Euro spec civic, leaving its interior and exterior design aside, is its price which on the top of the range version could reach 26,595 GBP which is 50 GBP more than the BMW 320d.
The less equipped models are more competitively priced, and in the end Autocar thinks Honda has created a very good family car, and you need to follow the jump and hit play to see exactly why.  
Review Video: 2012 Honda Civic Euro Spec

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Source: Autocar via YouTube