Renault Zoe is one of the most popular EV car on the market. And the latest order confirms this trend.

Onto, an electric car subscription service, has ordered a further 1,050 Renault Zoe E-Tech to join its growing BEV-only fleet. Now accounting for over a quarter of the business’s fleet, it highlights the suitability of the Renault Zoe E-Tech as a great introduction to electric vehicles.

Since its launch in 2017, Onto has been championing EV adoption by offering drivers an extremely flexible alternative to full ownership of an electric vehicle. An increase in enquiries and subscriptions, plus a greater awareness of electric vehicles and their myriad benefits, has seen it grow to have the largest pure BEV fleet in the UK with over 4,000 cars as of September 2021. Such is the rise in demand that Onto is typically doubling its fleet size every six months.

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One of the top three most popular vehicles with Onto’s existing 4,000-plus subscribers, the all-electric Zoe E-Tech has been instrumental in the company’s rapid scale-up. Its latest order takes the number of Zoe E-Tech on its fleet to over 2,000. Onto focuses on always having the latest and best electric cars and so several of its latest Zoe E-Tech replace earlier versions.

Onto’s new order consists of Zoe E-Tech Iconic and Zoe E-Tech GT Line, with both variants specified with rapid charge capability, which allows 90 miles of charge to be restored in only 30 minutes. While Onto reports that EV early adopters are usually located in bigger cities, it also states that its Zoe E-Tech customers are spread far and wide across the UK, the car’s range of up to 245 miles (WLTP) ensuring it is suited for use in more remote areas as well as urban environments.

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The flexible charging options and great range of the Zoe E-Tech are key benefits to subscribers and support Onto’s ethos of offering drivers a hassle-free EV experience – its subscriptions require no deposit and, in return for a monthly payment, encompass the cost of the car, insurance, breakdown cover and maintenance. It even includes the electricity to charge it via RFID cards that provide free access to the BP Pulse, Shell Recharge and Instavolt charging networks with over 12,000 stations in the UK. Core to the appeal of the subscription is that there is no long-term commitment and customers can have a Zoe E-Tech for as little as £389 a month.

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Influencing Onto’s decision to invest further in the Zoe E-Tech is its attractiveness to younger drivers and those that are embarking on their first taste of all-electric driving. Millennials are the largest age group of subscribers that have a Zoe E-Tech, with customers typically aged between 25-40 years old.

The Zoe E-Tech with restyled exterior including a more dynamic design and new colours, introduced last year, has rapid 50kW charging which charges the battery from zero to 80 per cent in only 70 minutes. Customers can choose from Play, Iconic and GT Line trim levels, with each offering a comprehensive and well-equipped standard specification. In addition, drivers also have the peace-of-mind that all new Zoe E-Tech models come with a five-year/100,000-mile warranty, plus an eight-year 100,000-mile battery warranty.