Renault Zoe is the best selling electric car in Europe and the French car manufacturer is coming with an update for it. The old 92 horsepower electric engine will be replaced with a new one. 

It has 12 kW (16 horsepower) more than the previous one. For now, Renault didn’t give us lot of details but we do know for sure that the range will be of 300 kilometers in WLTP cycle. 

“Despite being the same size as the R90, the R110 is 12kW (16hp) more powerful than its predecessor. Drivers will benefit from stronger acceleration performance when travelling at higher speeds as the new motor shaves almost two seconds off ZOE’s 49.7-to-74.5mph (80-120kph) time. This is a significant improvement which provides even greater peace of mind at higher speeds. At lower speeds the R110 packs the same punch as the R90 from which it is derived thanks to the instant availability of peak torque of 225Nm, making ZOE as nimble as ever in urban areas.”

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The not to 100 km/h is done in 11.4 seconds, while the top speed is electrically limited to 135 km/h.