The Renault Wind review video comes from AutoExpress who has takes the 2-seater Twingo based roadster for a spin and check out some of its key points.
This particular version featured in the Renault Wind review video is equipped wth the 1.6-litre 16v engine that produces 133 HP and even though the automaker’s RenaultSport division has left its mark on it, you shouldn’t expect the Wind to be a full blown sports car as it was designed for every day usage.
One disadvantage with folding top roadsters is that luggage space diminishes when the roof is down, that’s not the case with the Renault Wind for which luggage space remains 270-liters in both situations.
Other strong points regarding the Renault Wind are its looks that will definitely get you noticed and its price which starts at 15,500 GBP.
Watch the Renault Wind review video after the jump.

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Renault Wind review video :

Source: Auto Express via YouTube