In the last couple of years, Volkswagen, Opel, Kia, Peugeot, Maserati, Dacia, BMW and Nissan were the brands that have changed their logo. Not it is time for a Renault affair.

According to the French car manufacturer, there was a need for change and with the electrified coming fast, it was time for a new identity.

As a result, Renault has decided to come up with a new logo. We have already seen it in the Renault 5 prototype and Megane eVision concept, but we didn’t think it would go into series production.

Now, according to a French spoke-person, the logo change is real and we will see it for the first time on a new car which is scheduled to be unveiled later this year (the deliveries will kick off in 2022, hence the title news).

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The new Renault logo will be the ninth iteration and it is described as being “uncluttered, with no signature or typography.” Also, the new logo is “more iconic, simple and meaningful, a true timeless signature, without superfluous effects or colors, with a contemporary takeover of the lines, an essential part of our graphic heritage.”