The Frenchs are in love with the new Twizy. Easy to charge, small and very efficient, Twizy has sold well in its home country. But, for the first time since its launch, the Twizy will have to go through the mechanic box to fix a small problem that concerns about 8.000 copies.
According to the french manufacturer, the electric quadricycle would experience a slow leak brake fluid and vehicles would end up with a stroke of the brake pedal abnormally long.
Because of this problem, the drivers may face serious problems in case of emergency. Renault wanted to clarify: "We found a seal that was sometimes crushed during assembly at the factory. This affects vehicles manufactured between January 27 and May 1, 2012, which corresponds to 1736 vehicles in France ".
There are about 8.000 vehicles affected by this problem in Europe. According to the French manufacturer, the owners of the affected models will receive a registered letter inviting them to make an appointment at their dealer. A check will be conducted and if the leak is present, an intervention will take about two hours for fixing the problem. The operation will be free of charge.
Even though reminders have not yet started in France, they have already begun in Spain and Switzerland.

Source: Renault