Renault and Nissan will work together for developing a new range of modular platform, set to be used by all their cars in the next future.
This way, the two manufacturers of the Alliance will try to reduce costs and to optimize the synergies between Renault and Nissan.
The three modular platform will be called CMF (Common Module family) and will address different sized cars. The first platform will be developed for small vehicles only and it will be called CMF-A.
The Alliance will also develop a CMF-B platform, that will be used for mid-sized cars like the future Laguna and maybe some new sedan from Nissan.
The biggest platform will be called CMF-C/D and will be used for large vehicles, especially for Nissan SUV`s sold on the US market. Renault will use it to develop the future generation Espace.
Expected to reach the market in 2015, the Espace will also be the first model to be based on the new generation of platforms.