Peugeot will be returning to Dakar Rally at the beginning of 2015. To be sure they do it in a proper way, th French unveiled their 2008 DKR model, a real off-road monster, ready to tackle the dunes.
The car uses a V6 twin-turbodiesel engine that will generate a total amount of 340 bhp. The resources will be sent to the rear-wheels, even if most of the fans expected a 4x4system. This configuration, diesel and rear wheel drive, can be the first to win the Dakar Rally if everything goes well.
The 2008 DKR will use use bigger wheels which provides him with a certain advantage when it comes to coping with this type of terrain. And with the help of a system that enables the tyre pressures to be adjusted remotely from inside the cockpit upon entering a zone of dunes, the French car can make a statement.
Peugeot`s technical project manager, Jean-Christophe Pallier, says: “The 2008 DKR can practically climb vertical walls! And that’s not all! Longer suspension travel – 460mm instead of 250mm – enhances its ability over dunes and when soaking up uneven ground. That’s a key asset on an event like the Dakar!”