Renault is taking further the work of developing efficient and durable diesel engine. After the popular 1.5 liter dCI and the more recent 1.6 liter dCi, the French manufacturer works to introduce an ultra efficient two cylinder diesel engine.
The unit is only half the size of Renault’s 1.5-litre dCi diesel, weighs 40 kg (88 pounds) less and is ideally suited for small vehicle platforms. This 730cc unit is both super-charged and turbo-charged and produces between 35kW and 50kW (48hp-68hp) with 112-145Nm of torque from 1,500 rpm.
Initial tests are encouraging, although the performance needs to be improved before Renault could consider introducing it. The engine is being developed with 18 industrial, scientific and academic partners in France, Spain and the Czech Republic, with investment from the European Union.