Back in 2009, Ford was introducing the new Focus RS, the ultimate performance version of the popular compact car. The hot-hatch was an instant hit, with 300 hp sent to the front wheels. It was the most powerful series production compact car with a front wheel drive at that time.
The success was inspiring for people at Ford, and ensured that the current generation will receive such a version. The wait was long, but Ford finally confirmed it will be launching an all-new Focus RS. The company announced that the all-new RS will be made available to customers in major markets around the world for the first time. This means the production will not be limited as with the old RS model.

also announced that the all-new Focus RS is one of more than 12 new performance vehicles coming for global enthusiasts through 2020. This is part of the company’s plan to deliver more performance vehicles, parts and accessories for customers around the world – more quickly – through a new global Ford Performance team.
“To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving,” said Raj Nair, Ford’s group vice president, Global Product Development.