Along the new Clio E-Tech Hybrid, Renault is also introducing the Captur E-tech Plug-in Hybrid on the UK market. The Captur is a strong competitor in the UK. Since it went on sale in 2013, is has become the best-selling Renault model in the country with more than 150,000 sales.

E-TECH powertrains are designed to use the optimal energy output to recharge the battery whenever the energy created is more than the required power. Then, kinetic energy recovered during deceleration or braking can be transformed into electrical energy to recharge the battery. The electrical energy is then in reserve to assist with acceleration, or for all-electric operation at lower speeds in urban areas, later in a journey.

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The E-TECH powertrain architecture is paired with a multi-mode dog gearbox. In operation, it allows the vehicle to start in 100 per cent electric mode, significantly reducing the gap in acceleration during gear changes. This means a smoother, more refined drive in production vehicles, as well as better performance.

The Captur’s plug-in hybrid powertrain offers three levels of energy regeneration and regenerative braking:

Battery regeneration during deceleration: When the driver lifts their foot off the accelerator and the gear selector is in D (Drive), the main electric motor works as a generator by recovering kinetic energy produced by the deceleration, turning it into electrical energy that is sent back to the battery.

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B Mode: To recover more energy, the gear selector can be put into B (Brake) mode by nudging the gear selector backwards, allowing one pedal driving when driving in full electric mode, increasing the level of regeneration allowed by the battery, up to an idling speed of around 4mph.

Regenerative braking: When the brake pedal is depressed, braking is triggered electrically, with mechanical braking support from the brake pads if necessary. The electric motor provides additional braking here, recovering excess energy and returning it to the battery that can be deployed again later on.

The most powerful in the range, the E-TECH plug-in hybrid powertrain delivers 160hp and 144Nm (engine) and 205Nm (electric motor) of torque that, in combination, deliver a 0-62mph time of 10.1 seconds and a top speed of 108mph (84mph in electric mode).

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The E-TECH powertrain boasts CO2 emissions of as little as 34g/km with fuel economy of up to 188.3mpg.

MULTI-SENSE driving mode selection is standard on all E-TECH-equipped models, to alter the driving experience to the situation.

Priced from £30,995 in S Edition specification, the Captur E-TECH Plug-in hybrid is available now. It will be joined by an E-TECH hybrid powertrain in 2021.