Last year, Volkswagen Group scored one very important milestone. It surpassed 10 million units for the second year in a row and became the largest car manufacturer in the world.

This year, Volkswagen continues the great pace, as the revenue reaches record numbers after nine months of this year.

In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, operating profit before special items rose to EUR 13.2 billion from EUR 11.3 billion in the prior-year period. 

This corresponds to an increase of 17.4 percent. Sales revenue from January to September climbed 6.8 per cent to EUR 170.9 billion, and operating profit before special items likewise rose from 7.0 to 7.7 percent.

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The nine-month figures were impacted by additional provisions in connection with the diesel issue. As announced at the end of September, special items of EUR 2.6 billion had been recognized for this in the third quarter. After deduction of special items, operating profit for the period from January to September came to EUR 10.6 (8.6) billion. 

The Group’s operating profit does not include the proportionate operating profit from the Chinese joint ventures. This amounted to EUR 3.3 (3.6) billion up to the end of September. These companies are accounted for using the equity method and are therefore solely reflected in the Group’s financial result. After taxes, the Group’s nine-month profit stood at EUR 7.7 (5.9) billion.