We thought the Range Rover Evoque was an SUV that already looked sporty and aggressive due to its sleek looking headlamps and taillights, prominent wheel arches, low roofline and three-door body style, but tuners such as Merdad will always consider there is room for more than what the factory line has achieved.
That is why they are introducing a new range of components designed to fit the Range Rover Evoque, all included in a aerodynamic kit which they call the Mer-Nazz.
This kit contains modified front and rear bumpers, air intakes that blend into the new wheel arches, new side sills and massive 22 inch alloy wheels that come in different designs.
The Range Rover Evoque by Merdad has also been fitted with a vented bonnet and we can spot a new diffuser that integrates the exhaust system at the back. 
There’s no word if this kit is accompanied by performance upgrades, but once we found out more about this program you will be the first to be informed about it.

Source: Merdad