Mac Audio, a company that specializes in amplifiers and loudspeakers has decided to turn the volume up on the most powerful version Clubman, the MINI Clubman S.
That is why they fitted the car with special insulating material in order to eliminate vibration and rattling and mounted the Mac Audio Star X 2.16 front and rear loudspeakers system in the modified door panels. The car also comes with a handmade 90-liter bass enclosure equipped with 3 x Mac Audio STX Reference-Woofers and 6 Micro X Series amplifiers with a total capacity of 3,900 Watts. The whole system is controlled by the Audiovox VME 9325BTA Head unit which accepts connectivity via iPod, iPhone, USB, DVB-T and Bluetooth.
The Mac Audio Mini Clubman S is not only about being loud, as the car has also been equipped with 18 inch wheels wrapped in 215/35-18 Yokohama Advan Sports tires, four-piston high performance brakes from Stoptech, a coilover suspension kit from KW and a modified exhaust system.
A revised electronics system enables the Mac Audio Mini Clubman S to produce a total of 230 HP so naturally that fitting the car with a pair of Sportster Recaro CS-seats was a must.  

Source: Mac Audio