Radical Sports Cars announced that it will debut a new track-day and road-focused roadster at the 2011 Autosport International Show on January 13 called the Radical SR3 SL.
The Radical SR3 SL will represent the company’s most advanced sportscar so far, with power provided by a turbocharged 2.0-litre Ford-RPE EcoBoost engine developing 300 bhp linked to a 6-speed sequential gearbox with F1 style paddle shifters and auto-blipper.
The Radical SR3 SL is compliant with the Euro 5 emission standards, and its European Small Series Type Approval means it can be registered in as a road car in any country from the EU, and not only.
The Radical SR3 SL benefits from full underbody aerodynamics, weights only 657 Kg and for those seeking more than what the basic version has to offer, a Race Pack will also be available, with features like engine calibration map selection, FIA-approved fuel cell, a racing bi-plane rear wing and racing tyre options.
Besides the Radical SR3 SL, visitors at the Autosport International will also be able to see the new 2011 SR3 RS and the new SR8 RX powered by the new 2.7 RPX V8 engine. 
Radical press release :
Radical Sportscars today announces the SR3 SL, a new trackday and road-focused roadster that spearheads Radical’s 2011 product line-up. The SR3 SL will be formally unveiled at the Autosport International Show on 13 January 2011, held at the NEC, Birmingham.
Optimised for the growing trackday and corporate/race school market, the SR3 SL is Radical’s most advanced sportscar ever, powered by a 2,000cc Ford-RPE (Radical Performance Engines) EcoBoost engine developing 300bhp as standard.
Whilst Euro5 emissions compliant, this brand-new turbocharged unit with Twin-Independent Variable Cam Timing and state-of-the-art, high-pressure Direct Injection transmits its power to the road via a six-speed sequential gearbox. With European Small Series Type Approval, the SR3 SL can be road registered in any EU country, and many more.
Available on the road with a Formula One-style paddleshift gearchange with auto-blipper, fly-by-wire throttle and advanced engine management system, it’s the closest experience to a Le Mans car for the road. At only 675kg, and with full underbody aerodynamics, there’s little that can touch a Radical for performance. For those that want to take the SR3 SL experience even further, Radical will offer a Race Pack, featuring options including an engine calibration map selection (giving ‘road, ‘wet’ and ‘racetrack’ suitable maps), FIA-approved fuel cell, racing bi-plane rear wing and racing tyre options.
Radical will be revealing the SR3 SL on Thursday 13 January at Autosport International, alongside the 2011-model SR3 RS, and the new SR8 RX, featuring RPE’s new 2.7 RPX V8 engine. Media are invited to come and view the 2011 product range, meet the Radical management team, and browse the Radical stand with refreshments.

Source: Radical Sports Cars