At its debut in 2013 Geneva Motor Show, this March, new international car brand, Qoros, will showcase its first production car, the Qoros GQ3 compact sedan, and two concept studies.  The Cross Hybrid Concept and Estate Concept preview future Qoros designs and technologies, and signal the brand’s commitment to creating a range of models for customers in Europe and China.
The Cross Hybrid Concept and Estate Concept studies are both based on the same platform as the future Qoros GQ3. The two Qoros concept studies present the application of signature styling themes introduced on the Qoros GQ3 sedan to possible future compact hatchback crossover and estate variants. The lines were developed under the direction of Executive Director of Design, Gert Volker Hildebrand.

The Cross Hybrid Concept features an innovative hybrid drive system.  Intelligent control software ensures transition between petrol-engined front-wheel drive, electric motor rear-wheel drive, and an all-wheel drive mode employing both power units together.

The Estate Concept boasts generous and versatile interior space thanks to a high number of alternative seating and luggage storage options.

Source: Qoros