Mcchip-Dkr developed a chiptuning program for the Porsche Panamera that enables the four-seat luxury sedan to produce even more power.
The Porsche Panamera chiptuning by Mcchip offers a 50 HP and 75 Nm of torque increase over the 500 HP and 700 Nm of torque produced by the series model, while on the Sportchrono-Version the 770 Nm of torque are raised up to 845 Nm. Also thanks to the chiptuning program the Porsche Panamera’s top speed is extended by 8 Km/h to 311 Km/h.
Besides the power boost offered by Mcchip that costs 1,499 Euro, a set of custom 22 inch wheels wrapped in high performance Continental tires is also suggested. These wheels come from Cargraphic with a price tag of 7,969 Euro or 8,089 Euro if the wheel set comes with Dunlop tires.

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Source: mcchip