Porsche announced the naming of its new sports car in the SUV segment – ‘Macan’. The name Macan derives from the Indonesian word for tiger and "combines suppleness, power, fascination and dynamics".
Bernhard Maier, Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG stated that "The Macan combines all sports car characteristics with the benefits of a SUV and is a genuine Porsche" "The name of a new Porsche has to fit with the brand, sound good in very many languages and dialects and evoke positive associations." 
The Macan will represent Porsche’s fifth model and is part of the automaker’s strategy of expanding its portfolio. The Macan will try to emulate the success of the Cayenne and will go into production at the Leipzig plant in 2013.
Porsche explained how the naming on its models has to correspond with the vehicle’s characteristics, with the name Boxster describing the combination of boxer engine and roaster, Cayenne stands for sharpness, Caymann is snappy and agile while Panamera is a Gran Turismo capable of winning the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.
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Source: Porsche