In the Porsche Family Tree video the German auto maker promotes the company’s new four door sports car with a short story reminding the viewer of the vehicle’s noble heritage.
The Porsche Family Tree video takes us back to the roots where everything started with Ferry Porsche who couldn’t find the car of he’s dreams so he started working on the original 356 model. Since then, as the Porsche Family Tree video explains, every Porsche has fulfilled a dream of one kind or another, witch is also the case with the new Panamera – a true sports car that can accommodate four passengers.
Some of the iconic Porsche models visible in the Family Tree video are the classic 917 Le Mans, the Porsche RSK Spider, the 911 GT3 RS and Carrera GT.
Watch the Porsche Family Tree Video after the jump.

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Porsche Family Tree Video :

Source: Porsche via YouTube