Porsche has prepared a big surprise for the 911 fans. Its name is 911 Sport Classic and it is considered a tribute to other classic 911s.

The car is basically a 911 Turbo S with a manual transmission. It uses the same 3,7 liter twin-turbo engine but it was detuned to cope with the seven speed manual transmission and with the RWD setup. As a result, the engine deliver 543 horsepower.

On the outside you get some special stickers, but the most important piece is the ducktail. It is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and it looks awesome.

Inside you’ll have a big surprise, as the upholstery will be a cloth one with chequered pattern.

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If you are looking to buy one, you’ll have to hurry, as the model will be produced in only 1,250 units.